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30 December 2011 @ 09:47 pm
So, another year is coming to a close. I totally couldn't keep track of the days and dates this week and it's so crazy to think that tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

Well, hows abouts a roundups of this year's happenings, eh? I'll go along as and when I remember what happens.
  • TV appearances. Thanks to liy & toyyib. My few seconds of fame :P One thing off my bucket list!
  • Discussions on sex. Had two weeks of some pretty uncomfortable discussion on sexual behaviour and preferences in my cultural studies class plus knowing what turns my professor on. That is just so weird on so many different levels.
  • 'Popular' on Tumblr. My Matthew Gray Gubler collage post got 108 notes. Like, wow. I'm seriously amazed and amused.
  • Harry Potter epic. The end of an era, end of my childhood but the magic never dies.
  • Watching Blue LIVE. Most epic night, ever! Reigniting an old teenage, um, interest (for a lack of a better word). They're performing in concert NEXT YEAR IN SINGAPORE. Ohmyword.
  • Driving capabilities. I am 2 lessons away from being able to book my driving test. New Year's resolution = GET A DRIVER'S LICENSE!
  • Internet affairs. Having an unknown 'admirer' (for a lack of a better word and still assuming it's not a prank). Wishing an uninterested guy happy birthday & unsuccessfully trying to make conversation with him on Facebook. Online bitchfests and going 'off the record' on Gchat; amazing stuff.
  • Dabble with Apple. This year marks the first time I get acquainted with Apple products, thanks to my workplace.
  • Which comes to my biggest milestone, being employed for 6 months, doing pretty much what I love; so thankful for my job.
  • International connections. And because of my job, my social circle has expanded to span geographical boundaries. I've always wanted a close friend who's British (for no reason, haha!) and now I do! Well, I do love listening to little English children speak...cant wait for her to get pregnant, she's gonna be a great mom.
  • Veg out. I have never thought of trying out organic, vegetarian food but there's this place down the road from my workplace that serves just that. And although the food always sounds and looks strange, it is always an adventure to order something you have no familiarity with and then be pleasantly surprised with. Although I would NEVER convert to being vegan/vegetarian because I love the texture of meat too much, I think vegging out definitely has its benefits. For one, and even this might be TMI but my bowel movements are so healthy when I eat vegetarian even if its just once a week.
  • Bought and assembled my desk myself, well, mostly. Had a little help from my dad but it's mostly me. My biggest proudest achievement, home-wise.
  • (will add more when I can think of it...)
I've had a number of revelations these past few days. I shall do a separate post on this, which will also be locked so yep. If you're some random person who's reading this, Happy New Year!
12 December 2011 @ 11:25 pm
My friend said something very enlightening to me a few months back as I was relating to him a story about how this girl doesn't like me. I always become the bitch, without knowing it. No thanks to people who spread stories, gossip, hatred. But the thing is, it is all unknowing, precisely because I can't be bothered to know. I only realised that I am the bitch after something has happened, unfolded and concluded. I am not even the midst of the 'drama' in which I am regarded as the bitch. I become the bitch not because of something I knowingly did, or something that I had an active agency in. It just happens and ta-da, I'm the bitch.

Thanks a lot people. God definitely has great plans for you.
08 December 2011 @ 11:47 pm
Just wanted to say that (assuming you're a real person who sincerely meant what you said), I think you're pretty gutsy, and I have to salute your spirit. I can relate to what you did to me, because I did the exact same thing to someone else - well, only that I wasn't anonymous. But yeah, I think I got it worse than you did. Let's just say things aren't gonna change anytime soon. And as much as I am hoping the other person would reply me (but knowing full well he probably won't), I am as hopeful that you would say something else to me. Don't worry, no one but you and me will know what you wrote because comments are screened anyway. Tell me something about yourself. Your hobby, your life's goals and ambitions, how tall you are, what you think of me. No need to reveal yourself if you don't want to. I just need a random person to have a random conversation with. Hope you're having a good December holidays ;)
19 November 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Hello secret person,

Are you gonna tell me who you are? Assuming, of course, that you're not some prankster out to mess with me. Because, if you are a prankster, you're gonna regret it.

09 November 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Are you kidding me?

//edit. Okay. If you're not just effing around, follow me on Twitter:!/karrameh 
//editedit: I mean it, you must click on the Follow button & follow me on Twitter. If not, how can we, using your own words, "chat sometime"?
26 June 2011 @ 06:27 pm
so. one more month of JULY and then we will have RAMADHAN!!!!

I have to say I love the first semester of the academic year a whole lot more than the second semester. Not only because it's the first semester, after a long holiday so you come back refreshed and ready to roar, it is also Ramadhan!

I am so excited for Ramadhan, it's definitely been my favourite time of the year ever since I started uni. And yes, that means I didn't use to like Ramadhan all that much before this. Hahaha, signs of maturity. I dunno, I just feel so much more at peace with myself (hahaha I initially typed 'at peas'. PEAS!), and also because it's almost the end of the year but its the start of the semester - things just feel like they go on much better during this period of time than at any other times, for me.

I am so much more anxious in the second semester because its the start of the new year, and pressures of changing for the better for the new year is just bleurgh. Changing for the better during Ramadhan feels nicer because it makes me feel like I'm being given a second chance to start over in the same year, after trying and failing in the first half of the year.


I want to rant somemore but I'll post another entry.
15 March 2011 @ 10:12 pm
i think this is the first time ever i am so immersed in my school work that i actually forget even the desire to meet up with anyone! i don't know what happened.
15 February 2011 @ 11:02 pm
omg i cant wait for recess  week.
31 December 2010 @ 11:20 pm
hey there 2011. goodbye 2010. you've been very kind but now we have to move on.
05 December 2010 @ 06:20 pm
Yesterday while waiting for recording to start, we sat around at Mediacorp's reception area and tried to do some last minute mugging.

Then we started trying to translate every single medical word into Malay. As the title of this post suggests, our discussion turned into trying to figure out what 'stretcher' was in malay. So Toyyib took Liy's iPhone and googled "Malay Stretcher".

Then he showed us the top Google search result. And this came out.

ROFLMAO. righttt.

So at that moment, there was this stream of super tall blonde-haired ladies in heels and short dresses and we were like O.O and toyyib was like omg miss universe is not held in singapore is it is it and liy was like omg i think its miss world!!! and yep, sure enough more and more of these super tall ladies started walking through the gantry and we just stared at them and they stared at us and we just stared. so unpolite but we just -stared- HAHAHAHA.

After they were gone, liy said  "So much for Malay Penis Enlargement."


Such an embarrassing but seriously HILARIOUS thing to say. We just couldn't stop laughing for quite some time.

Something about beauty pageants just makes virtually every guy I know vaguely horny hahahahhaa.

Ahh wells. At the end of it all, we still do not know what stretcher in Malay means.

Google Translate says that it is 'Tandu'. TellSpell says that it is 'usungan'. Webster's Online Dictionary says that it is 'tanduan'.

Turns out we didn't even need that information. AND the computing module I took came in handy after all, after I answered a question on binary digits HAHAHAHAHAHA seriously laa. I just hope they didn't do an extreme close-up on me, or that the fine lines underneath my eyes were visible. Or my crooked teeth was too obvious. HAISHHH. How do these people do it.

K. now I have to get back to being a sloth.